Csapágy lehúzó, 10-30mm

Bearing puller 10-30mm

Product code: MG04J1171

Brand: Lincos

The clamp can be adjusted with screws 10-30mm. It is suitable to extend existing inventory. With the scraper you can accurately remove the bearing without damaging it.
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Csapágy lehúzó, 10-30mm
Csapágy lehúzó, 10-30mm

Product description


  • Suitable for 10-30mm bearings
  • To use the bearing clamp it is necessary to remove the scraper
  • The tool is suitable bearings for supporting and pulling gears from shafts.
  • It allows quick work.
  • Also suitable for bushings, gears

Product packing

Pack number Dimensions Weight
1 27 x 19 x 21 cm 6.5 kg

Delivery fee

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Pickup in Debrecen 0,00 €
DHL Worldwide Express 118,49 €

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