Bearing and gear pullers

Explore our versatile range of bearing and gear pullers, designed for both 2-legged and 3-legged configurations. These robust tools are perfect for efficient removal of gears, bearings, and other press-fit parts. With their sturdy construction and easy handling, our bearing and gear pullers enhance your mechanical work, ensuring precision and safety. Discover the difference with our pullers that combine durability, reliability, and affordability.


2-jaw and 3-jaw gear puller set

2-jaw and 3-jaw gear puller set

2 or 3 jaws that can be adjusted to fit various sizes of gears, pulleys, bearings, and other components.

Product code: MG04J1125

Discount: 10% (until 03/03/2024)
Gross price: 139,57 € 125,62 €
You save: 13,95 €
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