Pit jack 3.5t. Lowered

Pit jack 3.5t. Lowered

Product code: OSK2

Brand: Lincos

Pit jack 3.5 tons - Low. Lifting height: 500mm. Width 800 - 1200mm
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Pit jack 3.5t. Lowered
Pit jack 3.5t. Lowered

Product description


Hydraulic pit jack - lowered. Thanks to a hydraulic pump and an air-powered pneumatic pump, it is one of the most popular products in our offer. The lifting height is as much as 500mm.The minimum width of the channel is 800mm and the maximum width is 1200mm. Depending on your needs, this channel lift can be adjusted manually or hydraulically. The pump is powered by air. The cylinder has a diameter of 35mm, with a required pressure of 8bar. A single stroke using the hand pump increases 2mm.

Technical data

  • Maximum capacity 3.5t
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Air pneumatic pump
  • Lifting height 500mm
  • Minimum channel width: 800mm
  • Maximum channel width: 1200mm
  • Piston diameter: 35mm
  • Pressure required: 8bar
  • Single stroke with hand pump: 2mm increase

Product packing

Pack number Dimensions Weight
1 120 x 80 x 50 cm 80 kg

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