CO/MIG-MAG welder

MIG/MAG welding is a shielded gas arc welding process in which a continuously fed wire serves as welding material instead of a consumable electrode. The shielding gas in the welding gun protects the scar pool from oxygen and moisture in the air. The advantage of MIG/MAG welding is that the welding speed is higher than that of conventional arc welding and the welding seams are cleaner. There are two types of MIG/MAG welding: active gas (MAG) and neutral gas (MIG) welding. During active gas welding, the protective gas contains carbon dioxide, while during neutral gas welding, argon or an argon-helium mixture is used. It involves less frequent wire replacement, which results in higher productivity. Reduced waste and smoke, minimized material wastage. The arc and the welding process are clearly visible.


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