Sandblasting nozzles

Sandblasting nozzles of different sizes for sandblasters and sandblasting cabinets. The ceramic nozzles wear off depending on use and the abrasive media used, this can be detected during work from the rapid loss of the blasting media and the decline of the cleaning effect.


Nozzle set, for the LN-SB20-II model

Nozzle set, for the LN-SB20-II model

4 piece nozzle set for the LN-SB20-II model

Product code: LN-SB20-II-NS

Gross price: 3,19 €
🟡 Expected in stock on: 18/12/2024


Nozzle size 7mm, for the LN-SB28 model

Product code: LN-SB28-NS

Gross price: 2,40 €
🟡 Expected in stock on: 20/06/2024
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