Air compressors

The task of the compressor is to produce the compressed air required to operate various air tools and machines. As a result, there are many types of compressors, so you should always choose the right one based on the air usage, ie the capacity of the compressor. We offer direct and V-belt driven compressors. The two main units of a direct drive compressor are the integrated pump and motor and the compression tank. The piston of the pump is driven by an electric motor and the air produced flows through a pipe into the compressor tank until the air in the tank reaches the correct pressure. The three main units of a V-belt driven compressor are the pump, the electric motor and the compression tank. The principle of operation is the same as that of a direct-drive compressor, but here the electric motor transmits the rotational motion to the pistons not directly but by means of a V-belt, so that the V-belt compressors are more powerful. All compressors are CE certified! Take a look at our offer!


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