Shop presses

Our workshop presses are suitable for squeezing wheel bearings, corroded bearings, bushings and assembling other parts requiring high compressive force without damaging the workpiece. The compression force of our presses can vary between 10 and 50t, depending on the type, we distinguish between hydraulic and pneumatic-hydraulic workshop press types based on their operation. Our offer includes a 10-ton hydraulic press in a table version, as well as a tripod workshop press capable of exerting a pressure force of 10-50 tons. Take a look at our offer!


Hydraulic shop press 20t

Hydraulic shop press 20t

Hydraulic shop press, force 20t, stroke 145mm, max. stroke range 1035mm, worktable size ca. 500x200mm

Product code: TL0500-3

Discount: 20% (until 03/12/2023)
Gross price: 510,81 € 408,65 €
You save: 102,16 €
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