Bolt cutters

Bolt cutters are hand tools designed for cutting through heavy-duty materials such as chains, bolts, locks, and wire mesh.


Bolt cutter, 900mm

Bolt cutter, 900mm

For cutting ironwork, steel rods, wires and locks up to 16mm in diameter.

Product code: DK-110105-36

Discount: 10% (until 18/06/2023)
Gross price: 18,95 € 17,06 €
You save: 1,89 €
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Bolt cutter, 600mm

Bolt cutter, 600mm

For cutting ironwork, steel rods and locks up to 10mm in diameter.

Product code: DK-110105-24

Discount: 15% (until 18/06/2023)
Gross price: 12,64 € 10,74 €
You save: 1,90 €
🟢 In stock
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