MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG Welder Electromig 230 Wave, 400V

MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG Welder Electromig 230 Wave, 400V

Product code: 816060

Brand: Telwin

Microprocessor controlled, 240A multiprocess MIG-MAG (continuous and pulse), FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG DC-Lift inverter welding machine.
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MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG Welder Electromig 230 Wave, 400V
MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG Welder Electromig 230 Wave, 400V
MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG Welder Electromig 230 Wave, 400V
MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG Welder Electromig 230 Wave, 400V
MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG Welder Electromig 230 Wave, 400V
MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG Welder Electromig 230 Wave, 400V
MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG Welder Electromig 230 Wave, 400V
MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG Welder Electromig 230 Wave, 400V

Product description

  • This welding machine is a source of current for arc welding, made specifically for MAG welding carbon steel or weak alloys with CO2 protective gas or Argon/CO2 mixes, 
    using tubular full or core electrode wires. It is also ideal for MIG welding stainless steel with Argon gas containing + 1-2% oxygen and aluminium and CuSi3, CuAl8 (brazing) with Argon gas, using electrode wires that are suitable for the workpiece to be welded.
  • It is particularly suitable for light metalwork fabrication and in body shops, for welding galvanized plates, high stress stainless steel and aluminium. SYNERGIC operation ensures fast and easy welding parameter setting, always guaranteeing high arc control and welding quality.
  • The welding machine is designed for use with the SPOOL GUN torch, used to weld aluminium and steel in the presence of wide spaces between the generator and the piece to be welded.
  • The welding machine can be used for TIG welding in direct current (DC), with arc striking upon contact (LIFT ARC mode). It welds all types of steel (carbon, low- and high-alloy) and heavy metals (copper, nickel, titanium and their alloys) with a gas shield of pure (99.9%) Ar or, for special uses, with an Argon/Helium mix.
  • It can also be used for MMA electrode welding in direct current (DC) using coated electrodes (rutile, acid, basic).

Key features

  • Inverter welding machine with continuous and pulse operation, multiprocess, (MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/ TIG DC-Lift), 240A. 3ph 400V power supply.
  • The WAVE OS system makes welding operations: customisable to suit customer-specific requirements; traceable and analysable, by saving data via USB. Simplified, thanks to SYNERGIC adjustment of parameters.
  • It is possible to operate on different welded materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium), brazed materials (galvanised and zinc-plated sheet metal) with specific welding processes having low thermal transfer, ROOT-MIG and ATC, and specific processes for aluminium and brazed materials AB PULSE and AB PoP.
  • Possibility of creating, saving and retrieving customised welding programs.
  • The intelligent and automatic control of the arc, instant by instant, will maintain high levels of welding in all working conditions, with different materials and/or gases.
  • User-friendly interface with TFT colour screen for simplified interaction with the product.
  • Maximum operational flexibility for use in a wide variety of application sectors, from maintenance to installation and interventions at body shops.
  • Max. spool weight and size: 15kg, 300mm
  • Complete with VRD device.
  • Complete with MIG-MAG torch, cable and earth clamp.

AB pulse (Alternating Bi-level Pulse): "AB Pulse" is a pulsating arc welding mode that uses alternating two different levels of energy pulses. This technique allows for finer control of heat input during the welding process, thereby reducing heat-induced distortions and improving seam quality. One pulse level provides higher energy for better penetration and transition of the welding material into the molten pool, while the other, lower energy level pulse helps control heat input and stabilize the welding seam.

AB PoP (Pulse On Pulse): "AB PoP" or "Pulse On Pulse" technology is an advanced version of pulsating arc welding, where two pulses are layered on top of each other. This method offers even greater control over heat input, enabling the user to finely adjust the appearance and quality of the seam. The POP technology is particularly useful for welding thin materials, where minimizing heat-induced deformation is crucial, and for thicker materials, where achieving deeper penetration and better seam quality is the goal.

The ATC (Advanced Thermal Control) technology

The Made in Telwin ATC technology is designed for use in specific sectors such as, for example, car bodywork where the materials (with thin materials measuring from 0.5-0.8 mm) are extremely sensitive to deformation caused by the temperatures reached during welding operations. 

The ATC technology makes it easy to achieve excellent standards of welding on thin materials thanks to state-of-the-art control of the arc.


  • Easy welding of thin materials
  • Decreased deformation of material
  • Extremely stable arc even whenworking with low currents
  • Rapid and accurate tack welding
  • Easier coupling of spaced sheets
  • Excellent results on steel, aluminium and during brazing operations

Operating modes:
- manual
- synergic
- AB Pulse
- AB PoP
- Root Mig
- Wire speed, welding current and voltage shown on the display.
- 2T, 4T, 4T Bi-level, Spot operation selection.
2T: Welding begins when the torch push-button is pressed and ends when the push-button is released.
4T: Welding begins when the torch push-button is pressed and released, and ends only when the torch push-button is pressed and released a second time. This mode is useful for long welding operations.
4T Bi-level: Welding begins when the torch push-button is pressed and released. Each time it is pressed/released it switches from current (I2 symbol) to current (I1 symbol) and vice-versa. It only terminates when the torch push-button is pressed for a certain set time.
Spot: Used for MIG/MAG spot welding with control of welding duration.
- SPOOL GUN, PUSH PULL automatic recognition.

Start LIFT: The electric arc is struck by moving the tungsten electrode away from the piece to be welded. This strike mode causes less electrical-radiation disturbance and reduces tungsten inclusions and electrode wear to a minimum.
- Welding voltage and current shown on the TFT display.

Arc force: This is the dynamic “ARC-FORCE” overcurrent, the display shows the percentage increase as to the value of the pre-selected welding current. This adjustment improves welding fluidity, prevents the electrode from adhering to the workpiece and makes it possible to use different types of electrodes.
Hot start: This is the initial “HOT START” overcurrent, the display shows the percentage increase as to the value of the selected welding current. This adjustment improves 
Anti-stick: Prevents the electrode from sticking to the workpiece, reducing the current connected to the electrode when it detects sticking. This makes it easier to remove the electrode and reduces the risk of overheating.
VRD:  This enables or disables the device that reduces the loadless output voltage (ON or OFF setting). With the VRD enabled, operator safety increases when the welding machine is on but not in the welding mode. The actual welding settings (welding current, voltage and the diameter of the suggested electrode) are shown in the left section of the display.
- Welding voltage and current shown on the TFT display.

- Setting the language.
- Setting the metric or UK system.
- Setting the view mode (standard or easy).
- Possibility to set the machine parameters (voltage, current, wire speed).
- Possibility to save, retrieve, import and export customised software.
- Possibility to record and save welding jobs.

- Thermostatic safeguard: a heat-sensing system that shuts down the machine if the temperature rises too high, preventing overheating.
- Protection against accidental short-circuits caused by contact between torch and earth.
- Protection against irregular voltage (power supply voltage too high or too low).
- Anti-stick (MMA).


- MIG-MAG torch (MT125, 3m)
- Cable and earth clamp.


Three phase mains voltage: 400V Mains frequency: 50/60Hz
Current Range: 10-240A Max Current: 200A@20%
DC current: 105A Max. no load voltage: 95V
Max. absorbed current: 9A Absorbed current at 60%: 5,5A
Max. absorbed power: 5,5kW Absorbed power at 60%: 3kW
Efficiency: 86% Power factor: 0,8
Usable electrodes in DC: 1,6-4mm Steel welding wire diameter: 0,6-1mm
Inox welding wire diameter: 0,8-1mm Aluminium welding wire diameter: 0,8-1mm
Flux cored welding wire diameter: 0,8-1,2mm Brazing wire deameter: 0,8-1mm
Protection degree: IP23 Dimensions: 79,5 x 37,5 x 73cm
Weight: 24kg  

Product packing

Pack number Dimensions Weight
1 85 x 72 x 42 cm 25.5 kg

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