Brake rewind tool set, 21pcs

Brake rewind tool set, 21pcs

Product code: MG50061

Right- and left-hand helix bolts, suitable for almost every car type, like Citroen, Audi, Fiat, Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volvo, VW, Renault, Opel
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Brake rewind tool set, 21pcs
Brake rewind tool set, 21pcs

Product description


  • 1-1: Right hand helix bolt.
  • 1-2: Left hand helix bolt.
  • 2. Citroen/XM, Xantia
  • 3. Audi, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ford/Fiesta, Isuzu, Honda/Concesto, Jaguar/XJ6, XJ40, BMW/318IS, 320I, 325TD, 518I, 525I, 1X, 740I, 850CI, M5, Mercedes-Benz/190, 200, 300, 420, 560, Mitsubishi/Colt, NissanAlmera, Stanza, Sunny, Rover/Austin, Metro, 200, 400, Maestra, Montego, Toyota/Camry, Volvo, VW/Passat, Golf FTI
  • 4. Ford/Telstar, Laser, Mazsa, Saab/9000, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Honda/Prelude CRS 16I, GM/Saturn, Grand Prix, Lumina
  • 5. 3/8" Adapter
  • 6. Nissan/Primera, VW/Golf
  • 7. Audi/80, 90, V8 100, Cupe, Rover/800, Subaru, Ford/Sierra ABS, Granada, Scorpio ABS 85', Nissan/Bluebird 1.8 Turbo, Silvia Turbo, Primera 2.0I LS, GS, GXS, Peugeot/4051.9 GI, GRI, SRI, GTXI, 605 2.0 SRI, Toyota/Celica, Corolla GT, MR2, VW/Golf GTI, Jetta Synchro,  GTI 16V, Passat CL, GL, GT, GT 16V, Corrado 16V, Scirrocca GTX 16V
  • 8. GM 1-7/8" piston diameter
  • 9. GM 2-1/8" piston diameter (Cadi Seville/Eldorad 80-85)
  • 0. GM 2-1/2" piston diameter ( Seville/Eldorad 79)
  • A. Renault/R2, Laguna
  • M. Ford, Mini/Cooper
  • N. Saab, Honda
  • F. Opel
  • E. Nissan/Maximas
  • K. Citroen
  • K1. Citroen
  • K2. Citroen

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1 33 x 26 x 6 cm 2.8 kg

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