Homokszóró szekrény, asztali, 190l

Table top sandblaster, 190l

Product code: LN-SBC190

Working space of sandblaster 756x508x464mm thanks to this it is suitable for blasting of objects with large size. The sandblaster has interior lights and it is possible to join it to a sand suction. The sandblaster is applicable for cleaning of surfaces
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Gross price: 301,00 €
Homokszóró szekrény, asztali, 190l
Homokszóró szekrény, asztali, 190l
Homokszóró szekrény, asztali, 190l
Homokszóró szekrény, asztali, 190l

Product description

Charachteristics of tabletop sandblaster

  • The sandblaster is suitable for cleaning of metal surfaces and removement of paint and corrosion
  • After sandblasting we get clean metal  surface
  • Suitable for engraving, matting of glass surfaces
  • With sandblasting on wood surfaces you can highlight the wood grain, for an antique look
  • The sandblaster has lights

Table top sandblaster technical data

Operating pressure


Air connection



Abrasive media used

  • The quality of the media used for polishing influences the effectivity of blasting.
  • Ordinary sand may contain contaminants, which may cause the machine to malfunction.
  • Moisture and organic matter contained in the abrasive media may clog up the nozzles and the valves.
  • If the abrasive media is used repeatedly, the reduction of the particle surface must be considered, which reduces the effectivity of  the blasting process.

Product packing

Pack number Dimensions Weight
1 80 x 54.5 x 72 cm 31 kg

Delivery fee

Delivery method Gross price
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DHL Worldwide Express 308,79 €

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