Gépkocsi kerék emelő

Car wheel dolly

Product code: TL2005-2

Allows movement of vehicles wit damaged, stuck wheels by placing the dolly directly under the wheel. Loading capacity 680kg, clamping size 305mm(12").
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Gross price: 159,18 €
Gépkocsi kerék emelő
Gépkocsi kerék emelő

Product description


  • Mechanical wheel dolly, can be placed directly under the wheel, lifting the wheel by a couple of centimeters off the ground
  • Allows easy positioning of non-moving vehicles
  • Can be operated with a mechanical foot pedal
  • Suitable for stuck, non-rotating car wheels
  • Lifting all wheels allows for fine positioning of the vehicle (in car salons, small shops)
  • The wheels of the dolly are freely maneuverable, so the dolly can be moved in any direction


  • Can be used in body shops, if the vehicle wheels are non-rotating
  • For precise positioning of cars in car salons
  • In car shops for vehicles with stuck wheels or gummed-up wheel bearings

Technical data

  • Loading capacity: 680kgs
  • Clamping capacity: 305mm (12")

Product packing

Pack number Dimensions Weight
1 66 x 64 x 8 cm 14.63 kg

Delivery fee

Delivery method Gross price
Pickup in Nagytarcsa 0,00 €
Pickup in Debrecen 0,00 €
DHL Worldwide Express 172,59 €

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