Trim Remover

Trim Remover

Product code: MG04C1033

Brand: Lincos

This tool is specifically engineered to remove door trims, badges, moldings, headlight clips, windscreen moldings, weatherstrips, and more. In addition to its primary functions, it can also be used as a wiper wrench and seam cleaner.
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Trim Remover
Trim Remover
Trim Remover
Trim Remover

Product description


  • Door Trim Removal: The Trim Remover is designed to safely and efficiently remove door trims, allowing for easy access during repairs or upgrades. It prevents damage to the trim and surrounding panels, ensuring a clean and professional result.
  • Badge and Molding Removal: This tool is also effective in removing badges, moldings, and other exterior embellishments without scratching or marring the vehicle's surface. It provides the necessary leverage and precision to detach these components with ease.
  • Headlight Clip Removal: When working with headlight assemblies, the Trim Remover can be used to release and remove clips that secure the headlight in place. This simplifies headlight replacement or maintenance tasks.
  • Windscreen Molding and Weatherstrip Removal: The tool's design allows for gentle removal of windscreen moldings and weatherstrips, ensuring efficient replacement or repair without causing damage to the glass or surrounding areas.
  • Wiper Wrench Function: The Trim Remover features an additional function as a wiper wrench. It can assist in removing wiper arms, making wiper blade replacement or maintenance more accessible and convenient.
  • Seam Cleaning: The tool's edge can be used as a seam cleaner, allowing you to remove dirt, debris, or old adhesive from seams or crevices, ensuring a clean surface for repairs or installations.

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1 35 x 15 x 2.5 cm 0.15 kg

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