Patent kiszedő készlet 6db-os

6pcs Trim pad removal tool kit

Product code: MG04C1024

Brand: Lincos

The door trim removes the patents simply and without damaging them. Can be applied to both metal and plastic fastening elements. The upholstery kit has three types of heads with two different lengths.
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Patent kiszedő készlet 6db-os
Patent kiszedő készlet 6db-os

Product description


  • Two sizes of different lengths
  • V-opening allows you to remove thin and thicker pins
  • The advantage of a rounded opening is that it does not slip into the plastic cover
  • Large opening rounded head for larger itemsSimply and accurately removes the patents
  • Also suitable for metal and plastic patents
  • Thanks to its chic design, it is easy to slide under the upholstery

Product packing

Pack number Dimensions Weight
1 57 x 23 x 5 cm 1.31 kg

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