Injector Seat and Manhole Cleaning Set

Injector and glow plug seat cleaning set

Product code: MG04A3045

Brand: Lincos

For cleaning of the injectors and glow plug seats. Includes: 4 cleaning brushes, brush holder, 3 Injector seat cutters, cutter guide, seal puller etc.
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Injector Seat and Manhole Cleaning Set
Injector Seat and Manhole Cleaning Set
Injector Seat and Manhole Cleaning Set
Injector Seat and Manhole Cleaning Set

Product description


  • The milling head can be used to repair the injector housing
  • The glow plug cleaning kit can be used to complete the entire cleaning process
  • Also suitable for cleaning injector and glow plug sockets with 4 cleaning brushes
  • The elements of the set allow you to work quickly and efficiently
  • The set includes the moving and fixing elements required for the process


  • Before starting the nest repair process, clean the area around the injector to prevent contaminants from entering the nest.
  • Remove the injector and seal.
  • Select the cutter head that matches the design of the nest and secure it to the cutter shank.
  • When milling, do not apply too much pressure to the tool and turn it in the direction of milling according to the design of the milling head.
  • Before cleaning, insert the blind plugs into the hole using the retaining rod to prevent contaminants from entering the engine.
  • Use the thicker brush that you can attach to the brush holder adapter so you can clean with a drill.
  • Remove the brushed material with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air, making sure that the blind plugs remain in place. Use the blanking plug for this purpose.
  • Use the long, thin brush to clean the hole in the spray tip by hand, moving it in the direction of travel.


  • 3 milling heads
  • 4 cleaning brushes
  • 6 blind plugs
  • Blind plug fixing rod
  • Seal puller
  • Milling shank
  • 3 milling heads
  • Brush holder adapter
  • Brush extender

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