Tyre fluid drain tubing

Tyre fluid drain tubing

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Tyre fluid drain tubing, for tractor and agricultural machinery tyres
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Tyre fluid drain tubing
Tyre fluid drain tubing

Product description


Tyre filled with fluid

  • A tyre filled with fluid increases the weight of the machine, so increasing the adhesion to earth.
  • The center of mass is reduced, increasing the stability of the machine.


  • The tyre becomes more rigid
  • The rolling resistance increases
  • The tyres, rims and axle are strained
  • The maximal allowed filling volume is 75% of the tyre
  • The maximal allowed filling volume for forestry machinery on difficult terrain is 50%
  • The wheel must be turned until the valve is on the highest point. The valve must be replaces with product 10.192 and filled through a tap, until the water seeps out. You have reached the 75%. Then replace the valve. When draining fluid, the valve must be on the lowest point. Remove the valve, wait until the water drains under its own weight, then install product 10.191 and drain the remaining fluid with its help. After this is done, replace the valve. Applicable when the tyre is equipped with a so-called water separation valve.  When dealing with tube tyres, an antifreeze solution must be prepared: adding calcium chloride (CaCl2) or magnesium chloride (MgCl2) to water (NOT the other way around), until it dissolves completely.
  • When dealing with tubeless tyres, to protect the rims (rusting) an ethylene glycol antifreeze must be applied and prepared as follows: 570 g to 1 liter water if the antifreeze should work up to –20 °C or 850 g to 1 liter water, if the antifreeze should work up to –30 °C.

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