Krokodilemelő 3t, gyorsemelés funkcióval

Floor jack, 3t, quick lift function

Product code: S508A

Brand: Lincos

Lifting capacity 3 ton, min. height 130mm, max. height 508mm, quick lift function
🟢 In stock
  • Debrecen: 34
  • Budapest: 103
Gross price: 152,67 €
Krokodilemelő 3t, gyorsemelés funkcióval
Krokodilemelő 3t, gyorsemelés funkcióval

Product description


  • Lifting capacity 3 tons
  • Min. height 130mm
  • Max. height 508mm
  • Size 656x325x166mm
  • Weight 33kg

Product packing

Pack number Dimensions Weight
1 69 x 36 x 25 cm 33 kg

Delivery fee

Delivery method Gross price
Pickup in Nagytarcsa 0,00 €
Pickup in Debrecen 0,00 €
DHL Worldwide Express 308,79 €

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