Tire repair inserts 102mm, 50pcs

Tire repair inserts 102mm, 50pcs

Product code: 510-1801

Brand: Lincos

The tire repair insert is used for emergency tread puncture repair in tubeless tires without the need to remove the tire from the wheel rim.
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Tire repair inserts 102mm, 50pcs
Tire repair inserts 102mm, 50pcs
Tire repair inserts 102mm, 50pcs
Tire repair inserts 102mm, 50pcs

Product description

The most common cause of tyre damage is a puncture caused by nails. The 10 cm long cords are the perfect solution for a quick repair of a damaged tyre as such a repair requires neither the removal of the tyre from the wheel nor the use of specialised tools.

The cord with a thickness of up to 6 mm is able to fill the puncture caused by nails and is recommended for car drivers who appreciate self-reliance on the road during breakdowns. It is possible to continue driving immediately after the repair, but it should be remembered that this type of repair is a short-term solution.

Recommended for use on tyres of both passenger cars and lorries. For safety reasons it is not advisable to carry out sidewall repairs using cords.

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 102 mm
  • Pieces per package: 50
  • Diameter: approx. 6 mm
  • Storage conditions: 24 months if stored at 18°C and not exposed to direct sunlight, 18 months if stored at max. 27°C
  • Storage period/time (shelf life): Store the repair cords in an area with a maximum ambient temperature of 27°C and a maximum humidity of 75%. All materials should be stored in a clean, dry place and surface should be protected from contamination

Product packing

Pack number Dimensions Weight
1 11 x 8 x 8 cm 1 kg

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